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Morph and climb through sticky situations

Blobby Blob is a blobtastic 3D puzzle platformer where you play as Blobby the sentient blob.

Trapped in a mysterious laboratory, you must collect the hidden keycards by solving various challenges. Change your shape and morph your slippery skin to safely manoeuvre through the world. The design was heavily inspired by Super Mario Odyssey and Mercury Meltdown.

This was a university project made by Sean Simon, Aryeh Zinn, Alex Lin, and Dominic Kihas. Sound was designed by Sam Turner and James Smith.

Sean's contributions include:

  • Realistic blob physics

  • Prop design and asset pipeline

  • Level design and animations

University of Technology Sydney

9 Week Project | Team

Blobby Blob: Bio
Blobby Blob: Video
Blobby Blob: Selected Work
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